1. Price & Tax & Import Duty

1.1 Price

You will get the accurate quotation once we learn the below content from your side

  1. Product models and quantity.
  2. Your destination: detailed address and zip code.
  3. The payment method defaulted by PayPal or Western Union.

1.2 Import Duty & Tax

  • The import duty and VAT tax (GST) together usually are 10% ~ 30% (depending on your government policy) of the door-to-door price.
  • sorry we cannot help you to pay for them, You have to pay it yourself when the parcel arrives in the customs of your country/region; but if you refuse to pay them once the products reach your customs, We have to instruct the express company to pull the goods back to China. When the goods reach our warehouse, we will deduct the freight and return the remaining amount to you. However, please note that the return cost maybe 3 times the normal price, you may get none of the pence if we find the shipping cost higher than the money you paid to us.
  • You need to check the import duty and VAT tax with the first six numbers of the HS code (Harmonized System), The tariff code of the B mode ultrasonic scanner is 9018121000.

Below is a sample for buyers from Greece:

  • the final amount of your order is 800USD, with free shipping.
  • According to the HS code 9018 12, in Greece, the import duty is 0%.
  • and 24% VAT tax or GST (goods and service tax rate):Β  800 *Β  24% = 192 USD.
  • and the cost to clear customs, or pay to the import agent, e.g. 30 USD,
  • the final amount will be 800+192+30=1022 USD

1022/800=1.2775 means you will pay 27.75% additional cost to your government, The good news is that many countries offer preferential terms for veterinary medical devices, which means that you will have to pay a lower tax, please consult your country’s government customs or check online.

2. Payment

2.1 Transfer via Bank (USD and EUR are acceptable)

  • The Telegraphic Transfer (T/T wire transfer to our company’s bank account) at the bank counter or online, with no limit to the amount, will take 2 to 5 days to reach.
  • Western Union to our boss’s bank account, no more than 3,000 or 2,700EUR, just takes 15 Minutes to reach!

Please share the bank slip with us once you finish the transfer, but if you do not do so, we shall not be liable for delays or failures in delivering orders.

2.2 Internet Payment Tools

  • PayPal: Safe, Flexible, and Practical, exists an extra 5.1% rate.
  • Transfergo (support transfers from the EU, the UK, Iceland, Liechtenstein, or Norway); and Transferwise (Wise support regions);Β Buyers from Europe like to pay by these two methods, which only charge 2-5 USD roundly each time.
  • We would like to accept more transfer methods; please advise us of your ideal methods.

2.3 Special Regions

The USD/EUR is not acceptable from Iran and North Korea, but you can try to pay China Yuan (CNY, RMB) to us directly or through a trustful middleman.

3. Shipping

3.1 Shipping Methods

  • We usually deliver the orders from Monday to Friday mainly through courier services like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and Aramex;
  • Airmail is not available since the upper limitation is 2 KGS.
  • By Air (requires no less than 100 KG) and By sea are available if the total amount is no less than 5000 USD.

3.2 Shipping Steps

Once we get the buyer’s transfer and everything is right, your order will proceed following the below typical steps.

Steps Description Day
1 Pack products and send it to our courier agent on Day 2
2 The agent will get it and send it to you on Day 3-4
3 the courier tracking number will be shared with you on Day 5-7
4 You will get the parcel or get a notice from the courier company to clear customs From Day 5 to Day 15

3.3 The Countries / Regions we can ship to

We send an Ultrasound Scanner to most regions by express, however, some places cannot be reached, such as

  • Aland Islands
  • Antarctica
  • Belau / Palau
  • Micronesia
  • North Korea
  • Palestinian Territory
  • Western Sahara
  • (AU) Christmas Island
  • (AU) Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  • (AU) Heard Island and McDonald Islands
  • (AU) Norfolk Island
  • (AU) Pitcairn
  • (FR) Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  • (FR) Wallis and Futuna
  • (Norway) Bouvet Island
  • (Norway) Svalbard and Jan Mayen
  • (NZ) Tokelau
  • (UK) British Indian Ocean Territory
  • (UK) Isle of Man
  • (UK) Saint Helena
  • (US) Minor Outlying Islands

it will take 2-4 weeks to most places on this planet.

4. After-Sale Service

4.1 Quality Warranty Period – 13 Months

For overseas buyers, we provide a 13-month warranty by default (from the date of express delivery), however, considering the international shipping costs are very high along with existing other fees like import duty, GST/VAT, and others, once you find an issue, the most feasible approach is to fix it by yourself or a local repairman, as support we will share the guide video with you, and send the spare part if necessary,

  • Within 1 month, you can ask to return the product and refund, please reference the 4.3 return policy.
  • Within 13 months, you will get spare parts free of charge as soon as we confirm it is a quality problem, we will pay for the shipping cost from China.
  • After 13 months, we will not give up you either, the difference is you have to buy these spare parts which are affordable but not expensive, and also the international shipping cost.

4.2 Quality Defects Complain Guide

Please be patient and contact us for complaints once you find the problem, and follow the below steps:

  1. Share the proofs like photos and videos with us.
  2. You will get a reply in 3 working days, please ensure we can reach you in that time since we may need more proof/information.

4.3 Return Policy

Within 1 month from the date you sign for the delivery, the buyer is entitled to return it to us if quality problemsΒ and the right to return only occurs provided that:

  1. The product is clean and unstained.
  2. Maintain the original characteristics and the packaging is not damaged.
  3. Have not been tampered with and maintain the identification label if the product is labeled.

Attention Please:

  • you have to get back the import duty and VAT from your government by yourself.
  • We will arrange for a courier company to contact you to get the parcel if possible, you are not allowed to send it back to us before getting our permit.
  • We will complete the product inspection and arrange the refund within 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the goods.
  • you will pay for the shipping cost to China in advance,
    • and the seller will bear all shipping costs (from and to China) once the device with a defect is confirmed, which means refunding all your money following the same path you took when you paid, and we are sorry for your time.
    • the seller will deduct the shipping cost from and to China if found without quality defects, which means you will only get a part of the refund, At the extreme, the freight is higher than the value of the shipment, and you don’t get any money.

If the above clauses are unacceptable for you, then you are better off purchasing similar equipment & services locally, we agree that it is not unacceptable to pay double or more for low-probability events.

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