Veterinary Medical Equipment

pregnancy and medical testing of livestock and pets

  • Made in China
  • Shipping by Express ( FedEx / UPS / DHL / EMS / Aramex etc, 5 ~ 15 Days Reach)
  • MOQ from 1 Unit
  • 1-Year Quality Warranty

Portable B Ultrasonic Scanner

  • BU200 Serial

  • from $ 500
  • BU200 Veterinary handheld B-ultrasound machine
  • a 5.6-inch LCD Screen
  • Metallic Shell
  • Livestock Pregnancy & Medical Detection
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  • BN100 Serial

  • from $ 1450
  • BN100 Laptop B Ultrasonic Scanner for verterinary purpose 00 overview
  • a 15-inch LCD Screen
  • Endurable ABS Shell
  • Pets Pregnancy & Medical Detection
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B-ultrasound machine for different animals


Where is your factory and can I visit it?

Welcome to visit us, we are in Xuzhou city of Jiangsu province, and KAIXIN (KX), DAWEI (DW), and other manufacturers of VET devices are here too. In addition to medical equipment, the main industries of our city include construction machinery, coal and power industries, plywood, thermostats, photovoltaic solar energy, lithium batteries, and fitness equipment

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Just 1 piece, the more you buy the lower price you will get.

I am a distributor, can you help me print my Logo on the machine?

Yes, the MOQ is 20 pieces for OEM service; we even can place your logo in the firmware (OS) instead of ours, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for details.

Are your brand in the top 10 manufacturers of Veterinary medical machines?

Sorry, the top 10 lists you see are compiled by writers, you will find a completely different list once you look at a few more search results;

I'm short on budget, Do you accept installments?

We are sorry. Still,  installments are not acceptable temporarily although we understand you want to own a VET machine.

How does the US ban on selling high-quality chips to China affect you?

To be honest, these electronic products are single-chip computers with limited functions, which means an ordinary chip can provide the computing power it needs, and they are not as powerful as your smartphone,  As you know USA NASA’s space shuttles and rockets are still using 20-year-old chips, not Intel’s 13th generation.  Our principles are “Enough and not wasted, and stable and easy to repair!”It is worth mentioning our firmware. You will find that products of the same series look similar in appearance, the reason why there is an obvious price difference is because the components and firmware inside the product are different, this is the value of science and technology.

How long can I get the goods?

Express usually takes 1-3 weeks from China to your hands, e.g., Most Asian countries and North America need 1 week, Africa and South America may need 2 weeks, and Europe needs 7-15 days.

What should I do if there is a quality problem, can I return it for a refund?

Within 1 month from the date you get the product, if you find quality problems and complain to us, you will get a refund once we confirm the quality defects; the quality warranty period is 13 months from the date we sent it out, but it is base on EXW price term which means All expenses after leaving the factory are not included, please find more details on the FAQ Page.

How to pay if I order portable VET ultrasound machine here?

We support traditional bank transfers and online payments, please see the FAQ page for details

Do you have an Amazon or similar online store?

Sorry, we do not have Amazon online stores, nor do we have accounts for third-party online stores such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Shopee, Lazada, etc.