BU403T Handheld Type B Ultrasonic Scanner With touch sensitive screen and 6.5MHz rectal linear array probe 3

With a 7-inch touch screen, this B-type scanning ultrasound device from China HSVET for medical and pregnancy detection of cats, dogs, and other pets. It contains the following items:


The Hardware

  • ABS Shell makes the host lightweight that’s only 0.86 KG, and small size (236 * 148 * 42 mm) which is easily portable
  • 7 inch touch Screen, 15.5 * 9 cm (W*H), 800 * 600Β dpi BU403T-Handheld-Type-B-Ultrasonic-Scanner-7-inch-touch-screen-size
  • Embedded 2600 mah lithium battery, continuously working for more than 3 hours, with editable auto power off time option.
  • Built-in 32G memory and images could be saved to the USB flash disk or TF card. BU403T-Handheld-Type-B-Ultrasonic-Scanner-7-inch-touch-screen side interface
  • Support 7 types of electronic transducers, default with a 6.5MHz rectal linear array probe
  • The battery charger for handheld B-ultrasound allows input from 100V to 240V, which is adaptive, and outputs 14V and 3.0A.
  • Exist Len hoods & shoulder strap brand new BU403T Handheld Type B Ultrasonic Scanner with 7 inch touch screen - open the box

The OS

  • The user interface is available in one of English, Spanish, Russian, French, and Portuguese
  • support restoring factory settings, You need not worry about the wrong setting.
  • Besides rotary the image, the system interface can be rotated,

The image Functions

  • Supports Five Image Display Modes.
  • The image rotation and flip reverse are available.
  • Grid-scale and point-scale
  • 16 Pseudo colors
  • Support the basic/routine function, which covers measurements of distance, perimeter, area, volume, and angle, but
  • Support the cardiac measurement.
  • Support the obstetric measurement.
  • Besides measuring the backfat manually, it also offers a movable ruler to help users get the result fasterΒ And supports the automatic measurement of backfat.

Other Parameters

  • four levels of electron focusing

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