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In the fields of animal husbandry and animal medicine, veterinary B-ultrasound machines have become important diagnostic tools. The correct selection of a veterinary B-ultrasound machine is crucial for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of animal diseases as well as pregnancy examinations. This post will guide you on how to select a suitable VET ultrasonic imaging scanner from China.

Make it clear what examinations you will mainly use the B-ultrasound machine for, such as pregnancy diagnosis, organ examination, disease screening, etc. Different applications may require B-ultrasound machines with different functions and performances.

B-ultrasound machines suitable for different animals

vet ultrasound scanner for different animals

From the perspective of use objects, it can be divided into

Body parts scanned

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In addition to abdominal pregnancy testing, B-ultrasound machines can perform medical testing on many parts, such as

    • Heart scans and B-ultrasound imaging of the heart are necessary for older animals or pets, especially when you suspect it has some kind of heart disease
    • Visceral ultrasound is often used to detect why animals have difficulty breathing. You may find abnormal masses in their lungs, which may be tumors, or the animals may have accidentally inhaled plastic products into their lungs
    • If the animal has difficulty urinating or other symptoms of kidney disease, use a B-ultrasound machine to do a kidney scan at this time. You will find the cause and choose an accurate treatment plan
    • Portable bladder ultrasound scanning is also a scene that veterinarians often encounter
    • If you find abnormalities in the animal’s blood routine indicators, you may perform ultrasound scans on the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and other parts
    • Animals are more wanton than humans when carrying out reproductive activities. They do not suppress the needs of the body and may satisfy sexual impulses anytime and anywhere. This can cause unexpected harm to female animals. Vaginal ultrasound with a probe will help You see how the injuries go.

Probe type

Common probes include mechanical probes, convex array probes, linear array probes, etc.
BN100 Laptop B Ultrasonic Scanner sensors explain
Mechanical probes are the lowest priced and are suitable for detecting pregnancy status; convex array probes are suitable for examination of large areas such as the abdomen, and linear array probes are more suitable for imaging superficial tissues.

You can purchase spare B-ultrasonic imaging probes here, and we will provide the best price.

Types of diseases

Before using medical equipment for testing, professional veterinarians knew that the puppy might have a certain disease or just a pregnancy reaction, but all of this requires further examination to confirm the diagnosis. Veterinary B-ultrasound machines can effectively detect leishmaniasis, thyroid ultrasonography, butterfly, and other location abnormalities.

Different usage scenarios

  • If you are a doctor who goes to different farms and farms every day, then the portable B-ultrasound equipment you need must have the following characteristics
    hsvet haras

    • Compact size, lightweight, easy to carry
    • The shell is sturdy and not easily damaged
    • Suitable for various ambient temperatures, whether it is a hot summer or cold winter.

The BU100 and BU200 series supplied by HSVET can meet these needs very well and are equipped with a glove box for you. The only regret is that we cannot provide a coupling agent due to express delivery specifications.

  • If your work is completed in a pet hospital, then the BU400 series with a touch screen is a good choice.
    hsvet pets hospital
  • If you are a full-time livestock farmer, you can also get a laptop-style BN100 series B-ultrasound machine.


Portability is important if it needs to be used frequently in different locations. Lightweight, easy-to-carry B-ultrasound machines can increase work efficiency.

BU10x Handheld Type B Ultrasonic Scanner - aluminum plastic packing box size

BU20X B ultrasonic sacnning machine - 3D dimension and screen size tn
BU20X B ultrasonic scanning machine – 3D dimension and screen size tn

HSVET focuses on providing small-sized veterinary B-ultrasound machines, including handheld ultrasound machines, laptop ultrasound scanners will also provide a pocket ultrasound scanner, which will be more mobile.

Ease of operation

How to measure the backfat with caliper

Choose a user-friendly device that is easy to operate so that veterinarians or operators can get started quickly.

All our veterinary B-ultrasound machines have physical buttons, which will allow users to get what they want with one hand quickly;

Brand and price

Well-known brands are usually more guaranteed in terms of quality and after-sales service. The only drawback is that the price is too high.

Animal Ultrasonic Scanner Brands from China

Pet Ultrasonic Scanner Brands out of China

hsvet vet ultrasound machine brands word cloud
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the world’s economy has generally declined. Everyone expects well-known veterinary B-ultrasound scanner brands to provide more favorable prices, but the reality is not as you expected.

HSVET as a new veterinary ultrasound machine brand is willing to help you reduce costs, you just need to give us a chance to try our products.

After-sales service

Including installation training, repair and maintenance, etc. Good after-sales service can ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Today, when everyone has a smartphone, you will find that operating a portable B-ultrasound machine is much easier than using a smartphone. As long as you are familiar with basic B-ultrasound knowledge, you can fully master the usage skills by spending a quarter of an hour reading the instructions and videos.

However, we have to admit that although it is cheap to purchase B-ultrasound machines directly from Chinese suppliers, you cannot get timely after-sales service, especially when you find that the product is faulty;

However, The failure rate of electronic products is not high nowadays, and HSVET will ensure that there are no problems with product quality before shipment, and use safe enough packaging to minimize the possibility of product damage during transportation; regarding the detailed after-sale service and return policy please read from the FAQ page.

Image quality

B-ultrasound features - Support for false color

High-quality images are the basis for accurate diagnosis, and clear images can better distinguish tissue structures.

You must consider resolution, contrast, grayscale, and other indicators. On our B-ultrasound imaging products page, you can find more detailed introductions to indicators, such as the frequency range of the probe, detection depth, etc. You only need to choose according to your actual needs.

Additional features

Some B-ultrasound machines may have optional functions, such as

  • TF Card Extension for image storage,
  • output video data to an external screen
  • backfat measurement
  • Lens Hood for Veterinarians who have to work in open-air
  • Cardiac measurement
  • Obstetric measurement


In short, when choosing a veterinary B-ultrasound machine, you must comprehensively consider the above factors and choose the equipment that best suits you based on your actual situation.

If you are interested in China HSVET’s veterinary B-ultrasound machine, please get in touch with us and you will receive your favorite product in 2-3 weeks.

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